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Motivated Moms Admin

In preparation for an early retirement from the teaching profession, my wife, Linda , and I had been investigating numerous options for supplementing my retirement income. The companies we approached all seemed to involve a lot of up front money, the promise of long hours and no guarantee of financial return. At the same time, I was introduced to a number of natural nutritional supplements from a company that has a huge line of safer natural products. After having tried the nutritional supplements, with amazing results I purchased all of the products with a view to creating a business from the comfort of my own home.

The business opportunity with this company, as well as, their excellent safer, and natural line of products have had an amazing effect on our physical, environmental and financial health. They have resolved many of the annoying problems of aging such as arthritis, menopause, skin problems, heart disease, prostate problems, lack of energy and LDL cholesterol. We have also enjoyed enormous financial freedom which has allowed us to both be retired, winter in Florida, build our dream home, drive two new luxury cars, have scuba diving holidays and relax!!

Dave and Linda Gaskell
Founders of Mo
tivated Moms

What a gift this team has been for my family. In the first 5 months since finding this team I have already been able to retire from my full-time employment as a home childcare provider and plan to only continue part-time for a few more months.

My home daycare has given me the opportunity to be at home for my kids and gives other moms a safer environment for their kids while they are at work.

Our Motivated Mom team has taken my dreams one step further and in a big way. Now not only am I home with my kids BUT our team is helping moms all over North America live in a safer environment, contribute financially to their families and even stay at home as well. Now that is true family freedom!!

If you are as passionate about your family, your future and helping others - "Catch the Vision" and join our team of motivated moms today! Let us help you make all your dreams come true..

Lori Fallis
Mom of 2

Motivated Moms has definitely been life changing for my family. My oldest son was starting school and my part time job required me to be work nights and weekends. I didnít want to be gone and miss a full day with my son! My husband encouraged me to stay home but I didnít want to stay at home while he was gone 60+ hours a week just to make ends meet.

I quickly replaced my part time income with Motivated Moms. Now, I am able to stay home full time with my children and I am helping my husband towards actually eliminating our debt! My husband noticed right away the excitement in my voice each day talking to other moms and my sense of accomplishment. I was excited again! I had more to look forward too each day then how many loads of laundry I could finish!

We now have four (4) beautiful, energetic boys. The flexibility of working from home has allowed me the privilege of homeschooling my children while enjoying every minute I can with my family, watching my boys grow. Motivated Moms has allowed us the financial freedom to pay off debt and allow our children to enjoy travel sports and travel as a family. We really have found the best of both worlds!

Penny Stauth
Mother of four boys

When I first joined Motivated Moms in November of 2006 I had just had my second child. I was lucky enough to be home with my kids with the in home daycare I had but wanted/needed more! I started working Motivated Moms part time and after about 3 months of working my business I completely replaced my child care income!

Motivated Moms has helped me in so many ways it was basically a new beginning for my kids and I! Not only did it help financially but it gave us time freedom to start over. We are now happier than we've ever been. I'm married and we now have a new edition to the family. I was even a single mom still working from home, Now how many moms can really say that?!?! I CAN!! Helping other moms do the same is such an unbelievable feeling! The bonds that I have created with other moms on the team are for a life time.

If you are TRULY looking for a legitimate work from home opportunity don't look any further! Our team of moms are here to help you help yourself! You work for yourself but not by yourself!

The feeling of being there for your kids whenever need be is such a wonderful feeling. I have been there for all 3 of my kids milestones I have not missed anything and that is why I started and Love my business!

Amanda Lopez Cumbie
Proud Member of Motivated Moms

July 2009 I was faced with a hard decision to get a job to help out with our family income. My husband was separating from the military and we were going to be hit hard with a financial pay cut. Looking at my 3 small children, there was no way I could leave them but, we needed the extra income.

A small miracle happened; I was shown Motivated Moms and how this team was able to help me provide for my family inside the home. This team has given me a chance to be home and watch my children grow up. I have been able to build a team of like-minded, hardworking individuals.

I have made amazing friends that I consider family along the way. Motivated Moms has given me the chance to do something amazing, I get to help other families reach their goals and help them. My children have their mother home with them to greet them after school, my children have their mother to sit down and eat dinner with. All of this was because of our Motivated Moms team and the income I can bring in from home.

Amanda Showalter
Mom of Three

When I quit my full-time job to stay home with our baby, I wanted to find a way to supplement our household income. Most at-home businesses I looked into offered no real means of income unless I was willing to leave my home at night and on weekends to do demonstrations at parties that I had to arrange, sell and deliver products, and deal with returns.

I came home to BE HOME! With Motivated Moms I can work from the comfort of my own home and there is no selling involved. I am making a residual income now that will do nothing but grow and grow. And I can be home to watch my daughter Ava grow and grow, too!

The product line has made such a difference in our lives, too. It has truly enhanced and improved our health. I no longer have asthma or allergies, and my daughter's skin condition has disappeared. The supplements have given me so much energy and stamina, and this is important when you have young children!

I am now planning our future with a completely different vision than I did before Motivated Moms including new cars, vacations, a comfortable retirement and complete college security for our kids. I am bringing home a substantial income and looking forward to our bright future.

In addition, the friends I have made through this business are wonderful. I couldn't and wouldnít do without my team of Motivated Moms!

Carrie Nowlin
Motivated Mom of Two